Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017 7:45pm at Cathedral Village where Ridge Ave and Henry Ave split

How to grow Phalaenopsis and other orchids - by Susan Gange

Susan Gange owns Stony Brook Orchids, an orchid greenhouse business in Pennington, NJ, now in its twenty-first year of business. Originally specializing in Phalaenopsis orchid plants of all colors and sizes, she also offers Cattleyas, Oncidiums, Paphs, Dendrobiums, and other orchid varieties, as well as orchid-growing supplies.

Susan’s program on Tips and Tricks for Dividing and Repotting Orchids will demonstrate repotting techniques for Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Cattleya orchids, as well as how to divide a Cattleya.

In February of this year, she was awarded the show trophy at the Deep Cut Orchid Society Show in Holmdel, NJ, for Best Phalaenopsis Orchid, and in May, two of her Cattleya orchids earned the American Orchid Society’s Award of Merit from the Mid-Atlantic Judging Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Susan is past president of the Central Jersey Orchid Society, a member of the American Orchid Society and the International Phalaenopsis Alliance, and a Rutgers Master Gardener of Mercer County volunteer.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tom Mirenda - Orchids of Columbia

Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 7:45pm

A vast country and an orchid paradise, most people have been a little put off by Colombia’s rough reputation.
But the days of Pablo Escobar are over and for the orchid hunter, there may literally be no finer place to see a fantastic array of species orchids. Journey with Tom as he visits Cali and Medellin where he judges some of the finest and largest orchid shows in in the Americas. There, in turn, we encounter some of the finest and largest examples of very rare species ever exhibited. No trip to Colombia would be complete without trekking to   see some nurseries and wild orchid habitat too! A wide selection of choice orchids from shows nurseries and the wild will be featured.

Tom Mirenda has been an Orchid Collection Specialist in Washington DC for the last 16 years. There he cares for and curates an extremely diverse collection of orchid species and hybrids from all over the world. Active in developing and producing huge educational exhibits using the collection plants and visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Trained originally as a Marine Biologist, Tom made the switch to plants and orchids in his late 20s while living in Hawaii. Since then he has worked with orchids at NY Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and an extensive private collection at Greentree Estate in Long Island. Tom was also the floor manager at the New York International orchid Show for many years  during this period. For the last 11 years, Tom has contributed two columns each month for ORCHIDs magazine and is developing a new book based on those writings. Tom travels frequently around the US and internationally making presentations to diverse audiences, from scientists to the general public, about orchid ecology, pollination biology, strategies for orchid conservation. He is passionate about seeking collaboration between the worlds of Botanic Gardens, the hobbyist community, commercial growers and scientists to work together toward the goal of protecting orchids and their habitats. Currently working on a project to coordinate and centralize North American orchid conservation efforts, Tom hopes to extend the influence to other parts of the world where orchids are imperiled.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

December Monthly Meeting

Thursday, December 13, 2016 - 7:30 pm

Greater Philadelphia Orchid Society Meeting 
Cathedral Village, Philadelphia

Topic: Paphiopedilum micranthum – First Generation Hybrids

Speaker: Paul Sheetz

The December presentation by our president, Paul Sheetz will be on first generation hybrids of Paphiopedilum micranthum. We will look at hybrids from Paph. Charlandzegary to Paph. Tanja Pinkepank and everything in between. Paph. micranthum was introduced to Western cultivation in the early 1980’s from China. The original description was from an immature dried specimen, basically describing how small the flower was, hence, micranthum. But the flower can be sizable, especially the pouch.

Reminder: This meeting is our traditional holiday meeting which we celebrate by indulging in the delicious goodies you bring.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Orchid Yard Sale at Dave Off's

Special Orchid Yard Sale
By Dave Off
Friday and Saturday 10/21 & 10/22 Announcing a BIG fall sale. In an effort to reduce the size of my personal collection I will be having an orchid yard sale. There will be 500+ plants available at very reasonable prices. Most of the plants will be Cattleya genera. Come see a great selection of seedlings, select divisions, species, hybrids and specimen plants. This is an in-person sale only. No list is published and no plants will be shipped. Where:
Egg Harbor Twp. NJ When:
Friday and Saturday 10/21 & 10/22
Time 10am—3pm (Rain or Shine) For directions email us at

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Monthly Meeting

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 7:45pm - "A Survey of American Orchid Society Awards" - by Mary Jo Gilsdorf 

October Monthly Meeting The speaker for October is our very own, Mary Jo Gilsdorf, Accredited AOS Judge. Mary Jo Will be presenting a “Survey of AOS Awards” featuring the awards given to Waldor Orchids in Memory of Walter Off. 

Mary Jo will explain the judging process including the use of point scales. She will survey each type of AOS Award – Flower Quality, culture and other more specialized awards finishing with a brief outline of the annually presented National AOS Awards. The focus of her talk is to reveal the mystery behind AOS Judging and provide the audience with insights into what the judges are looking for and what the experience is like for exhibitor and judge alike.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Passing of Dottie Faust

It is with great sadness that the Greater Philadelphia Orchid Society announces the passing of Dottie Faust, a long-time and beloved member of our group. Dottie was always a friendly face and had a great personality, as well as being an outstanding orchid grower. She grew for the sheer pleasure of it and had no concern whatsoever for awards or any other recognition. GPOS will be arranging for the distribution of her orchid collection by way of an auction, the date and location to be determined. We encourage anyone interested to come and honor Mrs. Faust by adding a piece of her collection to your own. Below is a portion of her obituary provided by her family. As you will see, Dotties life was full and meaningful and she will leave a lasting impression on all who knew her.
Dorothy was a devoted mother, dedicated nurse, and faithful community servant. After graduating with her RN degree from Montgomery County Community College, she served as a nurse at Abington Hospital, and then as office and nursing manager at Abington Hematology Oncology Associates. She was a faithful member of Abington Presbyterian Church, where she served as a longtime parish nurse and as a volunteer in the church office. Dorothy’s green thumb and nurturing spirit led her to passion for gardening inside and outside the home. She was a 20-year member of the Greater Philadelphia Orchid Society, champion orchid grower, member of the Indoor Plant Society, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and received many awards for her efforts. She was an active contributor to her local community, including as President of the Abington Civic Club. She is survived by her daughters, Sue Mazzei of Lansdale, PA, Lynn Faust and her husband William Burger of Marlborough, MA, and Deborah Faust of Lambertville, NJ, and her son, John Faust of Duluth, GA; five grandsons, Alexander Mazzei, Benjamin and Matthew Burger, and Charles and Daniel Faust; her brother, Theodore Lynn of North Attleboro, MA; and many nieces and nephews. Her brothers, Walter, James, Earl and Terence Lynn of Danville, PA have predeceased her. A memorial service will be held at Abington Presbyterian Church on July 19 at 3 p.m. Friends and family will be received in the sanctuary at 1:30 p.m., and immediately after the service for refreshments. Friends and family are welcome for the burial at the Highland Cemetery in New Columbia, PA on July 20 at 11 a.m., followed by a reception. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be sent to Abington Presbyterian Church.

Arrangements made by Helweg & Rowland Funeral Home of Abington.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Monthly Meeting Announcement

Thursday, May 26, 2016 @ 7:30 pm - Cathedral Village, Philadelphia.

Growing Vandaceous Orchids (in the Northeast)
This presentation provides an overview of the major genera in the Vanda group (Asian only). Primary focus on Vanda, Ascocentrum & Neofinetia falcata (all ‘Vandas’ now), but also touches on Aerides, Holcoglossum, Renanthera, Rhynchostylis, Trichoglottis and a few others. Includes growing recommendations for both greenhouse and home environment.
Kim Feddersen
Maplewood, NJ
I grew up in Denmark, where my dad had a retail orchid nursery (Orkidé Kultur). I started working in his nursery after school when I was 15, and continued till I left for the US 9 years later. My dad’s first love was Paphiopedilums (Cypripediums to him), and that bug turned out to be infectious. Those were the days of wild collected plants, but my dad did some hybridizing also, including in Vandas, which kindled my second orchid passion.
I have grown Orchids as a hobby grower for about 20 years, starting in windows, moving to lights in the basement, and finally into a greenhouse, where my collection today numbers some 800+ plants, mostly Paphiopedilum and Vandaceous, but also ranging into Cattleyas, Aussie Dendrobiums, pendulous Cymbidiums & Lycastes. I do a little breeding in Paphs (complex & tea cup types) and miniature Vandaceous, with emphasis on Neofinetia falcata & Ascocentrum hybrids.
I am a member of both North Jersey & Deep Cut Orchid Societies, and have served on the board of NJOS for a number of years. I have started to exhibit at the NJ shows, where I enter as Fair Orchids.
I live in Maplewood NJ with my wife, 5 felines who can’t keep teeth and paws out of the orchids, some 100+ daylilies, a couple of hardy orchids and an assortment of other botanical oddities. I do speaking engagements for garden clubs and orchid societies.